Why should I fly private with B. Coleman Aviation?

Coleman Aviation offers a personalized flight experience tailored to your every need. We are a private aircraft operator, so there is no middleman (broker) involved in the booking process or adding in commission fees. You will have direct access to the flight operations team every step of the way.

Is private jet travel for me?

Yes, it is! A private flight can sometimes be more price competitive than flying commercial first class, depending on the size of your party. B. Coleman Aviation specializes in promoting empty legs, which cuts your flight cost in half. Empty legs are flights that become available when clients request a one-way flight and the aircraft then needs to repositioning “empty” back to base or the next pick up location.

How does B. Coleman Aviation compare with Fractional Ownership Plans?

With B. Coleman Aviation, you don’t have an acquisition fee or a monthly maintenance fee. You pay only for what you use. We don’t ask for money up front, you simply pay by the trip. We don’t tie you up with long-term contracts or commitments, giving you the ultimate flexibility.

How do I book a flight with B. Coleman Aviation?

Booking a flight with B. Coleman Aviation is as easy as picking up the phone, submitting a quote request on our website or via email. Simply give us the details of your itinerary and we’ll have a quote produced within minutes. Please call us directly as 219-427-5287.

How much notice do I need to give B. Coleman Aviation on my flights?

We can get you off the ground as quickly as possible. We recommend that you contact us as soon as you are aware of possible trips. If nothing in our fleet is available, we will find another aircraft at a similar cost. We have direct access to hundreds of back-up aircraft.

If I cancel a flight, will I be charged a fee?

We’re not in the business of charging needless fees and realize that schedules change so we try to be as flexible as possible. However, some trips come with cancellation terms. We will make you aware of those terms upon booking.


B. Coleman Aviation’s private air charter services are available 24/7, 365 days a year and ready when you are.

Call or email for a free quote:

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T: (219) 427-5287


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