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Private Aircraft Charter

Imagine, no long security checkpoint lines, no connecting flights and not being forced to fly on a commercial airline schedule. When you fly with B. Coleman, you call the shots! Feel free to kick off your shoes, play your music out loud or do a cartwheel down the aisle. You can be dropped-off or picked-up directly at your aircraft and best of all, we are only 30 minutes from Chicago!

B. Coleman Aviation’s private air charter services are available 24/7, 365 days a year and ready when you are.

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Phone: (219) 427-5287


All FAA Certified Part 135 private air charter operators must adhere to the same FAA regulations; however, B. Coleman Aviation goes above and beyond these regulations by participating in safety audits performed by 3rd party firms.

Coleman Aviation is a Gold-rated operator with Aviation Research Group (ARGUS) and a registered operator with Wyvern, the two premier aviation auditing firms in the industry.

Whether you fly once a year, or hundreds of hours a year, if you’re looking for an aircraft for charter, B. Coleman Aviation can safely meet your needs.


Book a charter flight with B. Coleman and you’ll enjoy first-class luxury, privacy and convenience that no commercial airlines can offer. The advantages of flying with us are:


  No security hassles

  Drop-off and pick-up directly at your aircraft

  Fly direct without layovers or connections

  Special on-board and catering request & fulfillment

  Ground transport arrangements

  Exceptional customer service