We Are
Chicago’s FBO

Why Choose
B. Coleman?


With years of experience, we understand the unique needs of various aircraft types.


Strategically located just 25 miles from downtown Chicago for easy access to major airports, highways and railways.


We are committed to delivering exceptional services with a focus on safety, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


We are 25 miles from Chicago, get picked up at your aircraft, modern facilities and hangars and no lines or security hassles.

FBO Services

Aircraft Ground Support

Trained ground crew to assist with aircraft arrival and departure.
Marshaling services for precise positioning.
Efficient baggage handling and loading.
Available GPU’s
Aircraft Lavatory Services

Pilot Support

State-of-the-art flight planning tools
Weather briefings to ensure safe and informed flight decisions
24/7 dispatch support for any last-minute changes
Customs and Immigration Support
Comfortable lounges and rooms for pilots
Movie Theater

Aircraft Support

High quality Jet-A & Avgas
Quick fueling turnaround times
Competitive fuel pricing
On-site Aircraft Maintenance (MRO) & Aircraft Interiors
Certified technicians ensuring aircraft safety and compliance
AOG (Aircraft on Ground) support for unexpected issues

Aircraft Charter Flights

No security hassles
Drop-off and pick-up directly at your aircraft
Fly direct without layovers or connections
Special on-board and catering request & fulfillment
Ground transport arrangements
Exceptional customer service

Aircraft Cargo Services

Certified Freight Station (CFS) onsite
U.S. Customs onsite
Use of air stair truck
Load/Unload baggage and cargo
Domestic trash disposal
And more

Aircraft Sales & Management

Listing and Marketing
Documentation and Transactions
Pre-purchase Inspections
Delivery and Logistics
After-Sale Support

Hangars & Parking

Secure and climate-controlled hangars
Ample ramp space for short-term parking
Tie-down services for smaller aircraft
Hangar & Ramp Rentals

Transportation Services

Ground transportation arrangements for passengers and crew
Rental cars and chauffeur services available
Convenient access to local attractions and amenities

Catering & Concierge

Gourmet catering options for passengers and crew
Customizable menus to suit individual preferences
Timely delivery to your aircraft

Lounge and Passenger Services

Luxurious passenger lounges for relaxation
Concierge services for travel arrangements and accommodations
High-speed Wi-Fi and business amenities
Customs and Immigration Support


T: (219) 750-1508
F: (219) 246-4544
ARINC 130.35


T: (219) 427-5287


B. Coleman Aviation
5701 Airport Road
Gary, IN 46406

B. Coleman Aviation is now a part of the Air Elite Network.

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