Reach for the Sky We’ve Got the Ground – due to the COVID-19 epidemic of 2020, there has been economic fallout which has hampered many countries’ ability to respond effectively to the pandemic’s health and economic effects. During the pandemic, sponsored Epic Fuels pilot Anthony Oshinuga flew over 6,000 nautical miles stopping into 44 locations across North America in only 18 days to deliver much needed PPE.

B. Coleman aspires to inspire the next generation of pilots. Mechanical engineer, aerobatic pilot, relationship coach, and author, Anthony Oshinuga paid us a visit along with student pilots to empower and encourage to continue on their path in their flight aspirations.

Do you like having a great time? We do too! When we’re not boarding the next jet out, we indulge in Chicago activities. Allstar Weekend 2020 has brought people together to celebrate the end of another great NBA season and we did it the B. Coleman way. Good vibes, good people, great music and conversation.