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Private Air Charter

Coleman Jet’s worldwide private air charter operations are available 24/7, 365 days a year and ready when you are. Imagine, no long security checkpoint lines, no taking your shoes off, no connecting flights, and no rearranging your schedule to meet that of the commercial airlines.


From time to time, empty leg flights will occur when needing to drop off or pick up passengers, or when the aircraft is needed at a location other than its base. These empty leg flights are often under retail rates offering a cost savings compared to traditional round trips.

Our empty leg notification tool will send you an email only when your indicated match is found. No more scrolling through endless empty leg lists looking for your match.

Empty Leg Flight Private air charter


There are many benefits when flying on a private air charter with Coleman Jet. The biggest advantage, however, is the time savings that private air charter offers. How much time would these advantages save you the next time you fly commercially?

  • parking in a private lot.
  • walk directly to your waiting aircraft and crew.
  • fly direct without layovers or connections.
  • utilize a smaller airport bringing you closer to your destination.

Not to mention:

  • Privacy
  • special on board requests
  • ground transport arrangements
  • catering arrangements
  • multiple legs in a single day
  • exceptional customer service

New to private air charter? Download the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Aircraft Charter Consumer Guide to get started.


All FAA Certified Part 135 private air charter operators must adhere to the same FAA regulations, however, some operators such as Coleman Jet go above and beyond these regulations by participating in safety audits performed by 3rd party firms.

Coleman Jet is a Gold rated operator with Aviation Research Group (ARGUS) and a registered operator with Wyvern, the two premier aviation auditing firms in the industry.


Coleman Jet offers on demand or block charter hours customized to your travel and budgetary requirements. Whether you fly once a year, or hundreds of hours a year, Coleman Jet can meet your needs.