Hangars & Ramp Parking

B. Coleman Aviation offers secure, clean and environmentally controlled Aircraft Hangars that combine modern technologies with personalized FBO services.

Our aircraft hangars exceed facility and planning build quality and are obsessively maintained.  Our hangars can handle aircraft and helicopters of different sizes and accommodate most Corporate or General Aviation Aircraft.  We can even accommodate Military Aircraft and crews, providing secure facilities and logistical support throughout the Chicagoland area.

From the time an aircraft enters one of our hangars, to the moment it leaves, the highest care and attention can be expected.

Hangar Amenities

  Aviation Fuel discounts for Tenants

  Customizable Lease Options

  Largest hanger is 40,000 square feet with 28 ft. Door heights 

  Environmentally Controlled Atmospheres

  8,900 ft. Runway

  Located only 25 miles southeast of Chicago

  Airside Canopy for ground transportation Pick-Up

  Full FBO Services

  Amazing customer service